Business Investment Philosophy | Briggs Acquisitions
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Business Investment Philosophy

Core Values

We seek private, non-publicly traded companies that ethically provide substantial marketplace value via their service or product within high barrier to entry verticals, have demonstrated long term earning power, and favorable return on equity. Our value-added approach also requires managerial cultural compatibility.

Value Added Approach

Ideally, we look for situations where we can create profitable investments by adding value.

Certain industries we know quite well. We work closely with current management to develop inventive marketing strategies, optimize operations, evaluate new markets and improve the companies overall position to maximize net profits.

In situations where less industrial experience exists, we look to support management with our insight and experience in many different verticals as spirited non-executive directors/consultants eager to support current and new opportunities as they arise.

Investment Size

Ideal investments are between $5m-$100m in companies with a minimum revenue of $10m, optimally in a currently profitable state. Less established companies that require reorganization, or within an earlier stage of development are considered on a case by case basis. Every situation is different and this is taken into consideration. Regardless of the situation, our strategy requires provisions for the protection of our interests, including board representation and the appropriate financial controls.